Monthly Archives: January 2014
One Question to Determine the Best Delivery Method for Your Sales Training

I am frequently asked by customers how they should deploy their sales training initiative. Recent advances in technology have transformed sales organizations’ ability to deliver sales training using a variety of modalities including traditional face to face training, virtual instructor lead training, self-paced learning and even some hot new buzzwords like “gamification.” As a quick aside, including a competitive element in sales performance improvement initiatives existed long before the term gamification was invented to describe it. However, I digress.

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Developing Sales Talent for Ongoing Success is Key #4 to Building a Championship Sales Team

We are back with the final installment of the Building a Championship Sales Team blog series that focuses on developing sales talent for ongoing success. We have established how strategic talent development can enable sales leaders to build a championship sales team and provided the first three keys to successful strategic talent development.

Unfortunately, when a lot of organizations begin a talent development initiative, they end up focusing on a single training event to improve the perceived deficiencies in knowledge and skill. Although a training event is a component of talent development, a single training event alone is not enough to ensure the kind of development necessary to achieve next level business results. The reason this is true is because a training event alone will not guarantee the knowledge/skills are being applied in the field or that they are being applied correctly to succeed.

When executing a talent development initiative, we recommend focusing on four vital areas of talent development to enable ongoing success:

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