Monthly Archives: May 2015
Will Your Next Sales Transformation Be a Remodel or Rebuild?

A sales transformation, like a home transformation, can be approached in many ways that fall into two major categories – either a remodel or a rebuild. Do you ever catch yourself watching a show on HGTV (Home & Garden TV)? HGTV broadcasts a variety of shows that focus on home improvement, gardening, crafting and remodeling. As a homeowner, I have developed a true love and appreciation for the things they are able to transform on the show. It’s amazing what people are able to accomplish as they form a vision, build a plan and execute the plan.

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Selling Innovation Is Hard Without Tenacity and Innovation Leadership | Part 4

Deadly sins 6 and 7 that contribute to why selling innovation is hard relate to tenacity and innovation leadership. In the first 3 parts of our series on why selling innovation is hard (see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), we covered deadly sins 1 through 5. If your sales team has managed to avoid these 5 sins, make sure they avoid the last 2 deadly sins:

  • Lack of tenacity
  • Lack of innovation leadership

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