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Why Sales Operations is Key to Driving an Effective Sales Transformation

The final element shared at the Sales Leadership Community breakfast was the importance of sales operations in driving a successful sales transformation. I was reflecting on it this evening, and I estimate that the team at SOAR has been engaged to enable the success sales transformations that have created hundreds of millions of dollars in value for our clients. Then I thought about the sales operations teams that have been involved in our work. As one of the panelists at the breakfast shared, sales operations can make or break a transformation effort.

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From Sales Strategy to Execution (eBook)

eBook – From Sales Strategy to Execution

The rapid pace of change in today’s business environment creates the need for an increasing number of companies to transform the way they sell. This involves changing the way their assets (sales team, sales talent and customer engagement approach) with their new go-to-market strategies. This new way of thinking about the sales organization can be called Sales Capital Management.

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8 Essentials For Scaling Sales Success (eBook)

eBook – 8 Essentials For Scaling Sales Success

Driving the right mindset, practices and behaviors required for your sales organization to deliver predictable, repeatable and meaningful results. Robert Sutton, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, did some interesting research on how organizations can scale best practices.

A theme arose as a result of several discussions with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies who were working to build a more customer focused organization. Once a new or improved way of doing business was discovered, getting it to spread throughout the organization proved to be very difficult. Sutton called it the Problem of More while the executives often described it as the challenge of “scaling” or “scaling up”.

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Sales Talent Management and Skill Development are Vital to an Effective Sales Transformation

As we dive deeper into sales transformation, we will focus on the importance of sales talent management. We have a great series on the core of talent management and why it is so important, which can be found HERE. So, we will instead focus on the value of talent management as a part of a sales transformation initiative and how to overcome some of the barriers that organizations often face.

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