Meeting Topic: Senior Executive Perspectives on Sales Enablement

Chicago Sales Leadership Community | DePaul University | SOAR Performance Group

Please join us for the next Chicago Sales Leadership Community meeting on March 2nd. Our panel of sales leaders will discuss their perspectives and insight on sales enablement. During the discussion, the panel will talk about sales enablement within their companies, the impact of sales enablement on sales performance, and how sales enablement supports their customer-centric approaches.

To learn more about the community, go here.

Why Should You Attend?

The meeting offers opportunities to:

  • hear from other sales leaders to get their perspective on important topics you may also face within your company
  • meet other sales leaders from the area to expand your personal and professional network
  • connect with DePaul University students participating in the sales program to identify potential sales talent
  • ask your questions to the panel (and group) to get further insights
  • get a free coffee and / or breakfast on a Friday.

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