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Finish the Sales Year Strong and Celebrate Achievements

Strategy creates your Opportunities which drives your Actions that deliver the Results

As 2016 comes to close, it is a good time to celebrate what went well and focus on goals for the new year.

We would like to celebrate:

  • Our clients and the opportunity to contribute to their growth
  • Our new book, Change Velocity: The Secret to Leading a Successful Sales Transformation; Thank you to our Editor, Grace
  • The great work our interns, Nathan and Maggie, from the University of Georgia Terry School of Business MBA program did for the Sales Leadership Community and our Remote Sales Research initiative
  • The Sales Leadership Community expanding its impact on future sales leaders
  • Seven years of contributions to the growth and development of SOAR clients by John, our VP of Client Engagements
  • World class business impact of projects lead by Don, our Practice Leader Sales Strategy and Execution – more to come on this!
  • Fresh perspectives from an old friend, Kerry Frederick, who has joined the SOAR Team
  • A fresh look for the SOAR Website led by Matt, our VP of Strategic Programs with the support of Greg
  • A proactive social media presence for SOAR deployed by Laura with support from Matt
  • The new year ahead and opportunities to SOAR again!

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Focus for the End of the Sales Year

Strategy creates your Opportunities which drives your Actions that deliver the Results

We’re almost at the end of the year; however, that doesn’t mean it’s time to let up! In this month’s newsletter, we’re sharing a few posts to provide you with ideas on where to focus in these last couple of months.

We’d also like to share the outcomes of our October Sales Leadership Community meeting in Atlanta. We had a great turn out and a lively discussion about how to finish the year strong and get ready for a fast start to the new year. The audio is posted here for those who missed it. The quick summary is posted here.

Remember, your Strategy creates your Opportunities which drives your Actions that deliver the Results.


Charlie Thackston
President, SOAR Performance Group

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Sales Performance Improvement Newsletter

The SOAR Report | July 2016 (newsletter) | Sales Transformation and Effectiveness

A Letter from the President

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter, The SOAR Report. To SOAR means to ascend to new heights of performance and this newsletter is all about how to SOAR. One of the things our clients enjoy most is learning how we are driving results with other companies. In fact, just last week we had a call with a client that completed a first phase deployment of a value-creation focused customer engagement approach. The results were terrific to hear with over $1.5 million in new opportunities generated in just 60 days. The real change that we saw was in the conversation, with a shift in focus to customer value creation. This example and many others like it are results-driven changes in the market place we want to share with you. We have been privileged to work with thousands of sales leaders across the globe and have had the opportunity to learn through these unique experiences.

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