How SOAR helped a technology company generate a $250 million increase in revenue.

A Fortune 500 technology company was facing new competitors and saw its market position and margin falling quickly.  To address these challenges, the organization launched a new direct selling business model. However, they did not have the correct leadership capabilities to effectively drive and grow this business.


SOAR implemented a Sales Leadership Development program that included a Success Profile, Individual Development Plans, Sales Leadership Summits, Coaching, Mentoring and Execution expectations.  The execution expectations were specifically linked to a business planning approach that SOAR developed for the organization.


The first wave of the program was credited with driving a $250 million dollar increase in revenue.  The program has been active for 5 years. A study indicated that managers that have been through the program outperform those that have not by 6% in revenue ($26 million per sales manager) and 5% in margin. The program has received a Citation for Excellence from the American Society of Training and Development and a Gold Brandon Hall Award.