How SOAR helped an enterprise software company decrease time to productivity for new hires from over a year to 6 months.

Solution Engineers at a Fortune 500 software company were taking over 1 year to become productive, leading to lost revenue and increased hiring and development costs.


SOAR developed a Success Profile for this role that prioritized the most critical competencies, knowledge and skills that a new hire needed to acquire in order to be productive. Then a Ramp-Up Plan was created which established:

  • The competencies, knowledge and skills a new hire needed to become productive
  • The criteria for measuring when a new hire would be considered productive
  • How they could develop the priority knowledge and skills
  • When they needed to demonstrate that they had acquired them

The success profile and ramp up plan included coaching guides and created joint accountability between manager and rep for ramp-up.


Time to productivity decreased from over 1 year to 6 months.