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February 3, 2017 — How Sales Leaders are Addressing Changes in Customer Buying Behavior — Atlanta Sales Leadership Community

The next Atlanta Sales Leadership Community meeting will be Friday, February 3rd. The meeting will include networking, breakfast, a panel discussion, and open question and answer time. Hear the expert panel discuss “How Sales Leaders are Addressing Changes in Customer Buying Behavior” and network with sales leaders from ABB Enterprise, Aptean, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Elavon, EY, FIS, Georgia Pacific, IBM, NetSuite, PROS, Ricoh, Sphera Solutions, Siemens, TransUnion, Verint, Verizon and other top companies at this event.

This meeting is open to practitioner sales leaders and invited guests. There is no cost to attend. Registration before the meeting is required to ensure that a seat is available to you. Please see below for more details and links to reserve your seat.

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Align selling efforts with the buying process for target accounts | 7 Best Practices of Top Sales Hunters to Increase New Account Sales

Welcome back to the Top Hunter Series! In our last installment, we discussed understanding the buying team for target accounts. This week, we will share with you part 2 of the fifth best practice as discovered through a series of interviews with top account acquisition reps. Best practice #5B is: Top Hunters Understand the Buying Process for Target Accounts & Align Their Selling Efforts with the Buying Process.

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Understand the Buying Team and Process to Increase New Account Sales | Top Sales Hunters

Welcome back to our series on best practices of top account acquisition sales reps. In this post, we share the fifth best practice as discovered through interviews with top account acquisition reps. Best practice 5 is that top sales hunters clearly understand the buying team and buying process for their target accounts.

Having a differentiated and compelling value proposition is critical for winning new accounts. Top hunters recognize that a strong value proposition by itself is not enough. As one of the top hunters said, “I am always working to understand how the customer is going to buy. I focus on figuring out who will be involved in the decision, how they will make the decision and how everyone will be involved in the process.” As we spoke with additional top hunters it became clear that there were two key things that they focused on understanding when working to win new logos:

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4 Key Trends in Sales Force Effectiveness

We have all heard that markets, customers and our sales environment are changing. Buying behaviors are changing. Customers are changing. Expectations inside the sales organization are changing due to the growing Millennial Sales Force. The ability to be flexible and readily adapt to change is a critical capability to ensure the effectiveness of your sales strategy. This morning, the Atlanta Chapter of the Sales Management Association quarterly breakfast addressed the topic of “Key Trends in Sales Force Effectiveness”.

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