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Andrew Somoza Joins the SOAR Performance Group Team

New Practice Leader Expands Sales Leadership Expertise

Atlanta, GA – SOAR Performance Group announces the addition of Andrew Somoza to the SOAR team. Andrew is an experienced executive sales leader with a strong track record of achieving results with established and early stage technology companies to optimize and drive top line revenue. He brings to his affiliation with SOAR Performance Group an extensive skill-set as an executive and results-driven sales leader with over 20 years of experience in domestic and international SaaS-based and Enterprise solution sales.

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Here’s Why Top Sales Performers Are Leaving Your Sales Organization

Here's Why Top Sales Performers Are Leaving Your Sales Organization

The market is getting more and more competitive for top sales performers, which is why your sales organization may be losing top talent to competitors. This could either be helpful to you in ways you haven’t realized, or serve as a symptom of a serious issue within your sales organization.

Find out how to keep your regrettable losses at a minimum: 

It goes without being said that one of the most critical decisions you can make is hiring the right staff into your company. The other half of the battle is keeping the right staff. Before we dive in, if you’ve missed the blog post on the cost of a bad hire – go here to learn how to avoid the $250,000 mistake and practices your sales organization should adopt in this process.

While the cost of hiring the wrong person is an astounding $250,000 per bad hire, the cost of losing a top performer is even greater. When this person walks out the door they are taking their productivity with them.  So, you now must invest in finding a replacement as well as trying to close a big gap in your plan.  On a personal level, you will likely need to spend a lot of your time trying to care for your recently departed team members customers while you try to manage their transition.

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The Number One Reason Sales Technology Initiatives Fail

The Number One Reason Sales Technology Initiatives FailThe Number 1 Reason Sales Technology Initiatives Fail

Take a moment away from your packed day of customer calls to imagine with me… (Trust me).  Think about some of the technological devices you used today. The list probably included: a computer of some sort, a smartphone, and possibly a digital touch watch. Now imagine your life without any of these items. Tough? That would probably be an understatement. Most of us, if not all, would be completely turned upside down in the way we work and communicate with each other. That my friends— is the power of technology. It is constantly evolving and constantly changing the world around us.

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The Customer Buying Experience: How Your B2B Sales Organization May Be Stuck In The Past

The Customer Buying Experience: How Your B2B Sales Organization May Be Stuck In The PastOut with the old— in with the new!

Flying cars, hover boards, and self-lacing shoes may not have come to fruition like Marty McFly expected in Back to the Future 2, but there is no doubt that the advancement of technology has impacted every aspect of today’s society. In the world of business, it is imperative that companies stay on trend, if not ahead, of advancements that may affect the relationship between customers and businesses. Technology has made it possible for customers to grocery shop through an app and even get 3D prints of their foot for individual customization of shoes, leaving many businesses wondering how they can use technology to improve the customer buying experience. The newfound trend is that B2B customers are now looking for the same buying experience as B2C companies.

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