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Sales Capital Management: Enabling New Sales & Go-To-Market Strategies (white paper)

Sales Capital Management: Enabling Sales & Go-To-Market Strategies

When the VP of Sales falls short of expectations, they aren’t the only one who feels the effects. It can create a ripple effect that impacts the entire business. For instance, if financial goals are not met, a company can be cornered into budget cuts and layoffs, stalling future progress of the business. Effects can even be felt outside the company walls. Customer relationships can suffer due to the constant revolving door of sales leaders, exhibiting a lack of consistency and stability within the company. But can a company’s success or failure really be attributable to a single person? The bigger issue is not the leadership change, but the side effects that can come with it. To understand why a qualified VP of Sales is likely destined to see an early exit and leave a struggling company in their wake, we first need to identify the root of the problem.

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Sales Execution Effectiveness Research Study Launch
Update: The Sales Execution Effectiveness survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone that provided input.

We are analyzing the results and preparing the report. If you would like to participate in future SOAR research initiatives, please use the space near the bottom of the page to provide us your email address. See the area on the page that says ‘Join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming events, new research, and latest blog posts!’

In today’s marketplace, one thing that stays top of mind in sales organizations is that “we could be/should be doing better than we are now”.  Sales leaders know the pressure of growing revenues and profits, quarter after quarter, year after year.  Even after the best months, quarters and years, the expectations require more. If the growth falls short, it may take a long time to diagnose. Even when the growth meets (or exceeds) expectations, the exact reasons may not be evident (and therefore, not easily repeatable).

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