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Live Webinar: How Strategic Account Planning and Execution are Driving Better Sales Results for Leading Medical Device Companies
Participants will learn about four focus areas for a well-executed strategic account planning process that elevate customer relationships, demonstrate more customer value and deliver better sales results

Atlanta, GA – SOAR Performance Group (SOAR) and Prolifiq are co-hosting a live, complimentary webinar titled “Four Focus Areas Helping Medical Device Companies Drive Better Sales Results” on Tuesday, September 26 from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM Eastern US Time. The webinar will feature insights from Charlie Thackston, President, SOAR Performance Group and Bill Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Prolifiq.

As hospitals and networks strive to deliver better value and patient outcomes, it’s crucial that medical device companies position themselves as partners (not just vendors). A well-executed strategic account planning process can elevate relationships with customers to drive better sales results.

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2016 SOAR Remote Sales Execution Effectiveness Research Findings

In the past twenty years, the work environment for professional sellers has changed dramatically. Some drivers that have expedited the shift to a more remote and virtual working environment in sales roles (field and inside):

  • Advancements in technology that allow work from anywhere.
  • A generational shift with the introduction of millennials to the workforce. These millennials have a higher focus on work-life balance and prefer a results-only work environment.

According to the most recent U.S. Census, the number of sales workers who reported working from home increased 45.9% from the level previously recorded.

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Be tenacious and relentless in executing their prospecting strategies | 7 Best Practices of Top Sales Hunters to Increase New Account Sales

In our last installment of the Top Hunter Series, we discussed how top hunters employ creative prospecting strategies to get in front of potential customers. Today we will share the 7th and final Best Practice for acquiring new accounts: Top Hunters are tenacious and relentless in executing their prospecting strategies.

When we asked top account acquisition reps what made them successful, the word that came up more than any other was “tenacity.” The definition of tenacity is: “The quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose.” As one rep put it, “I have to believe, deep down inside, that I am going to win, no matter what the odds are against me.”

How can you ensure that your account acquisition reps have the tenacity required to succeed? Through our discussions with top hunters, several items were suggested:

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Develop Multi-Touch Prospecting Strategies | 7 Best Practices of Top Sales Hunters to Increase New Account Sales

Welcome back to the Top Hunter Series! In our last installment, we highlighted how you can support your teams in effectively aligning their selling efforts with the customer’s buying process. This week, we will share with you best practice #6 as discovered through a series of interviews with top account acquisition reps. Best practice #6 is: Top Hunters Develop Creative, Multi Touch Prospecting Strategies.

Top hunters realize that in today’s frantic world, buyers are experiencing information overload. In order to combat this, Top Hunters develop creative, multi touch prospecting strategies in order to make sure they can get in front of the necessary decision makers and influencers. As one rep put it, “Once I know who is responsible for making decisions about our offering, I start trying different approaches to get in front of them. The key is creativity and lots of touch points.”

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