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How to Prevent Your Sales Organization From Making a $250,000 Mistake

How to Prevent Your Sales Organization From Making a $250,000 MistakeThere are dozens of blog posts, articles and statistics devoted to the value of bringing in the right talent into your organization. At the Atlanta Sales Leadership Community panel, we learned that the average cost of a bad hire for a company is $250,000. Take that number and multiply it by just four and you are looking at a million dollars’ worth of error.

  • What is your sales organization doing to appeal to the right talent and how updated is your sales hiring process?

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The Number One Reason Sales Technology Initiatives Fail

The Number One Reason Sales Technology Initiatives FailThe Number 1 Reason Sales Technology Initiatives Fail

Take a moment away from your packed day of customer calls to imagine with me… (Trust me).  Think about some of the technological devices you used today. The list probably included: a computer of some sort, a smartphone, and possibly a digital touch watch. Now imagine your life without any of these items. Tough? That would probably be an understatement. Most of us, if not all, would be completely turned upside down in the way we work and communicate with each other. That my friends— is the power of technology. It is constantly evolving and constantly changing the world around us.

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Executive Perspective of Sales Enablement at Chicago Sales Leadership Community Meeting on March 2nd
Panel of sales executives to provide view on sales enablement and the impact on sales performance; Meeting is open to practitioner sales leaders and invited guests

Chicago, IL – The next Chicago Sales Leadership Community meeting will be Friday, March 2nd at DePaul University’s Center for Sales Leadership. The meeting will include networking, breakfast, a panel discussion, and open question and answer time. The panel discussion will include sales leaders providing insight and perspective on sales enablement. During the discussion, the panel will talk about sales enablement within their companies, the impact of sales enablement on sales performance, and how sales enablement supports their customer-centric approaches.

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Jump Starting the Sales Year

Jump Starting the Sales Year | The SOAR Report | January

Jump starting the new sales year

In This Issue of the SOAR Report:

This month is critical as you set the foundation for the upcoming sales year. Here are some resources that you will find valuable in these efforts.

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