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Top 4 Trends Impacting B2B Sales Right Now

In nearly every client and prospect meeting, we are asked about the top trends impacting B2B sales right now. Over the last year, we have seen the top 4 B2B sales trends to be:

  • The Internet of Things (IOT for short) and the Digital Economy
  • Centralized or De-centralized Sales Organization Structure
  • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  • Social Selling

These trends impact the ability of sales organizations to deliver revenue, margin, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. They not only impact sales leaders, but also impact all levels of the sales organization. Sales people should be aware of the trends impacting decisions by their customers. Sales leaders should be aware of the trends that impact them internally and externally.

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Sales Performance Improvement Newsletter

The SOAR Report | July 2016 (newsletter) | Sales Transformation and Effectiveness

A Letter from the President

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter, The SOAR Report. To SOAR means to ascend to new heights of performance and this newsletter is all about how to SOAR. One of the things our clients enjoy most is learning how we are driving results with other companies. In fact, just last week we had a call with a client that completed a first phase deployment of a value-creation focused customer engagement approach. The results were terrific to hear with over $1.5 million in new opportunities generated in just 60 days. The real change that we saw was in the conversation, with a shift in focus to customer value creation. This example and many others like it are results-driven changes in the market place we want to share with you. We have been privileged to work with thousands of sales leaders across the globe and have had the opportunity to learn through these unique experiences.

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5 Keys to Sales Success in a Social Media World

Have you ever wondered how your sales team can more effectively use social media as a part of the selling process?  You are not alone! Many sales leaders have realized that social media is a major force impacting the business landscape. Few seem to have a strong grasp of how to harness this force to make an impact on their results. A recent Atlanta Chapter meeting of the Sales Management Association addressed the topic of “Sales Success in a Social Media World.” The event featured an expert panel of Barbara Giamanco, President of Social Centered Selling LLC and Frank Iannotti, Area Vice President of Enterprise Accounts at Throughout the discussion, the panelists shared some of their secrets for success with Chapter members.

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