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3 Reasons You Need A Perspective Going into the New Year

3 Reasons You Need a Perspective Going into the New Year

Why do you need a perspective going into the New Year? People with a perspective have a point of view, they engage more, and are able to see the world differently.

I took a drawing class last year called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”  To say that I did not receive the gift of drawing is a little bit of an understatement.  Writing words is relatively easy, but drawing a straight line even with a ruler has historically been a challenge for me. Can you relate?

Now, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” for all of those who remember some of the “brain” anatomy, is all about engaging the creative right side of the brain.  The left is the more logical side of the brain.  A number of interesting things occurred as I was instructed on drawing and worked through the activities during class.

Before we get to that, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with growing your business, improving performance, driving change, sales or sales leadership topics that I usually comment on.  Stay with me!  Here’s what happened:

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Sales Talent Management and Skill Development are Vital to an Effective Sales Transformation

As we dive deeper into sales transformation, we will focus on the importance of sales talent management. We have a great series on the core of talent management and why it is so important, which can be found HERE. So, we will instead focus on the value of talent management as a part of a sales transformation initiative and how to overcome some of the barriers that organizations often face.

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6 Key Elements to Effective Sales Transformation

Georgia State University and SOAR Performance Group hosted over 50 senior executives from companies like Georgia Pacific, IBM, Ricoh, AT&T, First Data, Worldpay, Equifax, Ericsson, NCR, SAP, Merrill Lynch and Randstad at the inaugural event for the Sales Leadership Community in Atlanta. Also represented were several emerging growth companies like Navicure, Aptean, Pros and Verint. The event was a tremendously successful forum for best practice sharing and executive networking for sales leaders within the greater Atlanta area. The event began with networking and ended with a panel discussion about how top sales executives lead through effective sales transformation.

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Strategic Talent Development: Maximizing Talent to Drive Improved Sales Performance (white paper)
Driving Forces

In today’s business environment, change is a constant that cannot be escaped. Changing customer preferences are putting pressure on all businesses to adopt new strategies and execute them seamlessly. Increasing competition is a constant as industries adapt to a “new normal” that requires faster time to market for new products and services, new ways to connect with customers in an increasingly social world and the ability to respond to threats from new competitors in the market. The right strategy with the right people to execute the strategy is paramount in a rapidly changing business environment.

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