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Account Management Process & Skills

How effective are your sales and customer success teams in driving expansion through account management?

SOAR provides account management skills and process focused on value creation and realization.

Expansion Value Messaging Playbooks

Do your customers clearly understand the value of expanding their relationship with your company?

SOAR creates clarity and scalability through expansion value messaging playbooks.

Customer Value Realization and Capture Playbooks

Do your customers recognize the value your organization is delivering?

SOAR value realization and capture playbooks support customer success teams in positioning value delivered.

Customer Success Organization Design

Is your customer success organization set up to maximize value and scalability?

SOAR customer success organization design creates clarity on roles and responsibilities.

Value Creation Selling

Customer Success Compensation

Is your customer success compensation driving the focus and results to achieve your customer success goals?

SOAR designs and implements customer success compensation plans to achieve your customer success goals.

Customer Success Management, Metrics and Cadence

Do you have the right management metrics and cadence to ensure that your customer success function is delivering on customer and internal requirements?

SOAR creates scalable customer success management processes with a consistent cadence and metrics.

QBR Process & Playbook

How effective is your customer success team in executing quarterly business reviews (QBR)?

SOAR creates high impact QBR processes and playbooks to drive effective customer engagement.

Customer Success Skills Training

Do your customer success teams have the skills to create a high impact customer engagement?

SOAR customer success skills training builds effective skills to drive high impact customer engagement.

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