Engage Teams Differently

Success in today’s environment requires superior buyer engagement by the entire team across the full lifecycle.  Organizations must carefully design the teams and the roles within the teams to align with the buyer journey.  Clear expectations about the success of the team and role must be defined.  These expectations form the basis for hiring the right people and supporting them during the ramp up to full productivity.  These expectations also assist existing talent in determining both areas for development as well as approaches to rapidly build the knowledge, skills, and capabilities required for success. 

Land Adopt Expand Renew
Land Adopt Expand Renew
  • Renewal Playbooks
  • Renewal Value Messaging
  • Renewal Conversation Skills Training
  • Customer  Value Model and Assessment
  • Customer Value Realization and Capture Playbooks
  • Organization Design – Customer Success, Sales
  • Retention Analysis
  • Account Management Process & Skills
  • Upsell Playbooks
  • Expansion Value Messaging Playbooks
  • Upsell Skills Training
  • Customer Value Realization and Capture Playbooks
  • QBR Process & Playbook
  • Customer Value Model and Assessment
  • Customer Success  Skills Training
  • Account Segmentation & Coverage Model
  • Sales Compensation Design and Implementation
  • Org Design – Pre-Sales, Field, Inside, Channel
  • Value Messaging Development
  • Product Pricing and Packaging
  • Buyer Value Model and Assessment
  • Sales/Sales Engineering Process & Playbooks
  • Ideal Buyer Profile and Persona Development
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Prescriptive Implementation Playbooks
  • Customer Value Realization and Capture Playbooks
  • Customer Success Organization Design
  • Customer Success Competency Model
  • Customer Success Compensation
  • Customer Success Management, Metrics and Cadence
  • QBR Process & Playbook
  • Customer Success  Skills Training