Buyers : Land
Strategic Opportunity Execution

Sales Compensation Design and Implementation

Is your sales compensation driving the focus and results to achieve your growth plans?

SOAR designs and implements sales compensation plans to achieve your growth objectives.

Sales Coaching

Org Design – Pre-Sales, Field, Inside, Channel

How effective is your go-to-market and sales org in executing your growth strategy?

SOAR delivers org designs to achieve your growth strategies.

Value Creation Selling

Value Messaging Development

Is your message resonating with buyers and positioning the differentiated value of your offering?

SOAR value messaging creates consistent value and buyer focused messaging.

Product Pricing and Packaging

How aligned is your product packaging and pricing with your target buyer journey?

SOAR aligns product packaging and pricing with buyer specific engagement. 

Buyer Value Model and Assessment

How clear and compelling is the business case for buying or expanding with your solution?

SOAR supports our clients in building buyer value models and assessments.

Sales/Sales Engineering Process and Playbooks

How effective is your sales team in executing your sales process?

SOAR creates playbooks aligning your sales process with the buyer journey.

Ideal Buyer Profile and Persona Development

Are your teams focused on the right buyers?

SOAR provides clarity on ideal buyer profile and personas.

Competitive Positioning

Are you winning more than your fair share of competitive opportunities?

SOAR creates differentiated competitive positioning to increase deal velocity.

Innovation Selling

Sales & Sales Engineering Skills Training

Do your teams have the right skills to differentiate and win with your buyers?

SOAR delivers high impact skills training across the buyer engagement.