Buyers : Renew

Renewal Playbooks

Are you achieving your renewal targets?

SOAR creates clarity and scalability through renewal playbooks. Playbooks include renewal process, roles, responsibilities, handoffs, and timing.

Sales Coaching

Renewal Conversation Skills Training

How effective are your sales and customer success teams in driving renewals?

SOAR builds effective renewal conversation skills across your sales and customer success teams.

Renewal Value Messaging Development

Have your customer success teams developed high impact renewal value messages?

SOAR value messaging programs create high impact renewal messages.

Product Pricing and Packaging

How aligned is your product packaging and pricing with your target buyer journey?

SOAR aligns product packaging and pricing with buyer specific engagement. 

Customer Value Model and Assessment

Do your customers recognize the value your organization is delivering?

SOAR value realization, value assessment, and capture playbooks support customer success teams in positioning value delivered.

Renewal Contracting and Negotiations

How effective are your customer success and sales teams in renewal contracting and negotiations?

SOAR negotiation programs supported with renewal scorecards drive higher renewal rates and reduce downsell.

Customer Success Skills Training

Do your customer success teams have the skills to create a high impact customer engagement?

SOAR customer success skills training builds effective skills to drive high impact customer engagement.