Leaders : Renew

Revenue/Growth Strategy and Planning

Are your growth rates at the required levels?

SOAR creates revenue/growth strategies and plans to deliver next level performance.

Customer Success Account Segmentation & Coverage Model

Are your sales teams focused on the accounts with greatest potential?

SOAR defines new account segmentation and coverage models to optimize sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Customer Engagement Model

Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined across the customer engagement?

SOAR customer engagement models provide clarity on the role of each team member and their responsibilities to ensure customer success.

Retention Analysis and Scorecard

Have factors driving retention and at-risk accounts been identified?

SOAR designs retention analysis and scorecards to focus customer success and sales teams on driving retention.

Increase Sales Pipeline

Leading Innovation and Change

How effective are your customer success leaders in driving innovation and change?

SOAR innovation leader and change velocity programs build skills to drive innovative change both internally and with customers.

Coaching Skills

How effective are your customer success leaders in coaching their teams to deliver an excellent customer experience?

SOAR coaching programs build customer success leader skills for developing high impact customer success teams.