Nobuyuki Saigusa

Nobuyuki SaigusaNobuyuki Saigusa brings to his affiliation with SOAR Performance Group extensive expertise in facilitation, coaching, talent management, and learning & development consulting. He specializes in sales enablement and leadership development. His passion for people development delivers for his clients improved individual and organizational performance. With extensive experience supporting local Japanese as well as international companies, he has developed a strong understanding of the dynamics of local and global organizational needs for sales enablement and leadership development strategies.

Prior to his consulting career, he gained a wealth of experience working in the information technology industry leading transformational initiatives. With 29 years of experience across Sales, Marketing, People Development and Management, he uses this experience to support clients in driving changes to accelerate growth and profitability.  His industry experience beyond information technology includes sales development roles in the global Chemical and Beauty Care industries for business-to-business sales channels.

His certifications include, Career Consultant, Certified Psychologist, Financial Planning, Business Management, and Applied Information Technology Engineer. The learnings from these certifications provide a strong foundation for his work in performance improvement consulting for individuals and teams.

Saigusa-san lives in Tokyo with his wife and children and graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor of Measurement Engineering.