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Building Buy In for the Sales Strategy is Essential 2 for Scaling Sales Success

Welcome back to our blog series on the Eight Essentials for Scaling Sales Success. Last time, we talked about the importance of having a sales strategy to achieve success and quick tips for spreading that strategy through the organization. Now, our focus turns to the next essential step in the process of scaling sales success which is building buy in for the sales strategy.

How do ensure that your team will buy into the sales strategy?

Most salespeople have seen presentations on ‘new and different’ sales strategies. These are most frequently delivered at kickoff meetings with a hefty dose of ‘rah rah’. So, how do you make sure that your teams will actually buy into the strategy? Adopting a new strategy is not as straight forward as the chain of command in the military, where orders are given and then immediately followed without question.

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Why Having a Sales Strategy to Achieve Success is Essential for Scaling Sales Success

The first and most important essential for scaling sales success is that you must have a sales strategy to achieve success. The sales strategy sets the foundation. Having a sales strategy is important in all aspects of business, but having a concrete strategy to achieve measurable success in the sales world is truly an essential. This sets the foundation for how your sales team will approach their goals of meeting and beating quotas.

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