In this episode, John Thackston, CEO of SOAR Performance Group, hosts Carl Herman, Director of Executive Education for The Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute at University of Houston.

Carl shares research on sales analytics and AI from Dr. Johannes Habel, Associate Professor with C.T. Bauer College of Business at University of Houston.

If you are a sales leader wondering where to start with AI, Carl discusses starting with 1) understanding your sales funnel, then 2) asking these questions: Where in your sales cycle do you lack knowledge or lack speed? And how can AI help in those areas?

Other Takeaways:

1. AI itself isn’t new, but it has become more accessible in the past year

2. The primary use case for AI relates to predictive analytics

3. These predictive analytics provide guidance and insight on what will happen in the future and what actions sales people and managers should take

4. The sales funnel is the foundation for applying AI – what accounts should I be calling on? What message will resonate? What is the communication style of the key stakeholders? What opportunities are likely to close? What is their likely price sensitivity? These are questions that follow the natural progression of the funnel and can be answered using AI.

5. AI is best used for parts of your sales funnel where you are currently lacking information or where things are slowing down due to repetitive tasks. 

About the Experts:

Carl Herman is Co-Chair of the Houston Advisory Board for the Sales Leadership Community. He has 45 years experience helping sales people build valuable relationships and sales managers build winning teams. For more information about Carl, visit his profile on Linkedin or his bio on the UH Website

Johannes Habel is Associate Professor with C.T. Bauer College of Business at University of Houston. He is a passionate researcher, educator, and keynote speaker on the digital transformation of sales as well as sales psychology. For more on Dr. Habel and his research, visit his profile on Linkedin or his bio on the UH website.


About the Hosts:

The hosts for the meeting are all 3 Chapters of the Sales Leadership Community (Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston).

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