Most conversations about effective motivation with your sales force turn immediately to compensation.  While fairly and effectively compensating your sales team is critical for success, it is only one of the “levers” that the sales leader can pull to drive increased team performance.  Companies, sales forces, and sales leaders are all unique.  Having a motivation strategy that fits your sales force and utilizes the right mix of motivational approaches will be more effective and can drive your sales organization to achieve greater results. At a recent Atlanta Chapter of the Sales Management Association meeting, a group discussion was held on the topic: “Motivating Your Sales Force: A motivated sales force creates momentum, momentum drives results.  How can sales leaders motivate their sales force to create momentum?” Topic experts for the discussion included sales leaders from AT&T, Groupon, LexisNexis, Ricoh, Dell Secure Works, Aon Hewitt, Talent Quest, and Georgia State University. The following are key takeaways from what resulted in an expert discussion on sales leadership.

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