Buyer behavior is changing at an accelerated pace. These changes are driving new requirements for organizations to engage differently.  Research from organizations like Gartner, TSIA and the Sales Leadership Community  are showing:

  • Buyers are 50-75% of the way through their evaluation process before engaging with sales teams
  • 70% of organizations are experiencing growth in revenue from subscription based offers 
  • 62% of organizations are experiencing a decline in revenue from product based offers

In order to effectively differentiate, win, and grow in this environment, organizations must engage differently across their buyers, teams and leaders. Recent research from TSIA has shown that organizations with an engagement model aligned with their customers & leverage value based engagement principles have 39% greater return on effort across their sales and customer success teams. This means organizations that aren’t engaging differently are:

  • Suffering from reduced business performance
  • Losing in their marketplaces by creating poor customer experiences
  • Experiencing inefficiency with their customer facing teams (up to 39%) 

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Elevate Team Performance

Pivot Go To Market

Organizations that engage differently accelerate revenue growth, elevate team performance and effectively pivot their go to market strategy to differentiate, win, and grow. Organizations like HP, Seismic, TripAdvisor, VMware, Siemens, Recorded Future, SAP, Achieve3000, LiveAction, Palo Alto Networks & more are recognizing amazing results through Engaging Differently like:

  • Accelerating growth rates by as much as 30% year over year 
  • Reducing net churn by more than 20% in the first year of deployment 
  • Increasing customer adoption by more than 22% 
  • Saving over $1million through improved hiring and ramping of new sales team members  





Engaging Differently impacts the full lifecycle, from landing new customers, to driving adoption of solutions, expanding existing accounts and renewing/retaining customers.  SOAR can help you Engage Differently to address problems like:

  • Elongated Sales Cycles 
  • Pressure on Deal Sizes 
  • Increasing Churn/Downsell 
  • Decreasing Renewal rates

Differentiate, Win, and Grow



We are available to talk more about insights we can offer into your sales or customer success transformation or enablement initiative.


Bring insights, ideas, perspectives and proven approaches

Bringing insights, ideas, perspectives and proven approaches

Listen to our clients to understand their business

Listening to our clients to understand their business

Leverage our clients’ existing assets, knowledge, and skills

Leveraging our clients’ existing assets, knowledge, and skills

Deliver high value solutions with measurable business impact

Delivering high value solutions with measurable business impact


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Sales transformation and enablement

SOAR Performance Group is a client-focused consulting and training company that concentrates on sales and customer success performance improvement.
We accelerate results for our clients through the development and execution of new go to market strategies.
Clients achieve success and ascend to new heights of performance through our unique process of insights, diagnostics, consulting and training centered around a comprehensive understanding and connection to each client’s business.

Solutions for Sales Transformation and Enablement

The rapid pace of change in today’s business environment creates the need for companies to transform the way they engage with prospects and customers.
The SOAR solutions portfolio enables clients to execute on their new go-to-market strategies by aligning their team, talent, and engagement approach.
Our shared goal is to leverage SOAR’s deep expertise in enabling new go-to-market strategies to maximize our clients’ return on investment in their most strategic sales and customer success assets.