In this blog, based on a webinar with SOAR and, learn why customer growth is critical in the current market and how your team can prioritize, plan, and execute to drive breakthrough growth within your account base.


Why Customer Growth is Critical

Pre-economic downturn, the focus was on opportunity execution. At SOAR, we have determined four reasons for an increasing focus on customer growth and retention among our clients post-economic downturn:

1. Changes in buyer behavior.

Sales cycles are currently 20-30% longer for net new logos than a few years ago, partially due to increased business case scrutiny among potential buyers. So, renewing with current customers is quicker and easier than chasing new logos.

2. Economic advantages of expansion.

When selling to current customers, there is a 5x lower cost and 30% higher win rate than selling to new customers, according to TSIA.

3. Impact on Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Lifetime Value (LTV).

Without an effective expand motion, NRR hits a ceiling. According to TSIA, customers that expand before renewal renew at a 78% higher rate than those that don’t.

4. NRR drives valuation.

According to Gainsight, NRR has the highest correlation with valuation of any other metric.


As you can see, expanding within your existing account base is easier and more cost effective in the current environment than chasing net new logos. Now that we’ve covered why you should focus on growing your existing accounts, let’s talk about how to grow your existing accounts.

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