Monthly Archives: September 2012
Will Sales Leadership Push Us Over the Top?

A top sales executive with a fortune 100 company recently told me “We need our people to be better leaders.”  Leadership is one of the buzzwords that I keep hearing during the year. As companies are continuing to look for new and different ways to be successful in the current economic environment, many are looking towards having better leaders throughout their organizations as a way to differentiate themselves in the market.

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Who Can I Imitate to Become a Better Sales Leader?

Does anyone following the NFL ever wonder what a team is doing with a draft pick?  Often times, teams with established quarterbacks will use a high draft pick on a rookie quarterback, even if the established quarterback has several good playing years left.  Their philosophy is simple: Let the rookie quarterback learn from the experienced quarterback and when it is the rookie’s turn to assume the starting job, he is more prepared and ready to lead his team to victory.

Organizations follow this same logic, by establishing mentor/mentee programs, when they determine it is time to groom new leaders one day capable of leading the business. Mentors discuss mentees ambitions, suggest activities to help get experience, or provide ways for the mentee to learn the ins-and-outs of the business in an accelerated fashion.

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SOAR Performance Group Expands Approach to Shift Hiring and Management from Instinct to Insight

Atlanta, GA – SOAR Performance Group, Inc. today announced its expanded SOAR Employee Analytics Practice.  SOAR Employee Analytics enables its users to shift hiring and the management of human resources from instincts about their personality and qualifications to insights of their hard-wired cognitive skills and personality traits.

Hiring individuals, deciding who to promote, and developing talent are critical for effective Sales Capital Management℠.   SOAR Employee Analytics addresses the in-efficiencies in this process by determining an individual’s hard wired cognitive skills and personality traits.  These are the traits that an individual possesses that are unchanging and determine whether or not the individual is the best fit for a given role.

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