Atlanta, GA – SOAR Performance Group, Inc. today announced its expanded SOAR Employee Analytics Practice.  SOAR Employee Analytics enables its users to shift hiring and the management of human resources from instincts about their personality and qualifications to insights of their hard-wired cognitive skills and personality traits.

Hiring individuals, deciding who to promote, and developing talent are critical for effective Sales Capital Management℠.   SOAR Employee Analytics addresses the in-efficiencies in this process by determining an individual’s hard wired cognitive skills and personality traits.  These are the traits that an individual possesses that are unchanging and determine whether or not the individual is the best fit for a given role.

In many organizations, hiring and promotion decisions are based on instincts derived from an individual’s resume, attitude, personality or perceived values.  The result of following instincts about an individual can include high churn, lost productivity, increased training costs, manager frustration, and lower sales results.  SOAR Employee Analytics removes the instincts and focuses on measuring scientifically based hard-wired traits mapped to actual job behaviors.  The results of this method include increased retention and increased sales productivity.

“The power of the SOAR Employee Analytic approach is in the focus on measuring hard-wired cognitive and personality traits.  Most assessment tools only gather information on an individual’s tendencies or likely behaviors.  I have seen numerous cases where this information has failed because predicting likely behaviors is just that, a prediction.  With SOAR Employee Analytics, the user receives data on the traits the individual is known to possess and that are unlikely to change.  This enables the user to map these traits to the ones specified in the job requirements and to make the best possible decision.  The result is better fit for the job and greater sales organizational success,” said Keith Dixon, SOAR Employee Analytics Practice Leader.

“In working with clients, we have seen continuing efforts to recruit, hire and develop the “right” talent to support changing market dynamics and new go-to-market strategies.  SOAR Employee Analytics helps ensure the right people are in the right position to succeed.  That is why we developed this approach.  At SOAR, using this approach, we work with our clients to understand their organizations strategy and goals.  Using the data from SOAR Employee Analytics, we are able to provide a complete picture of the makeup of our Client’s people.  We then work with our Clients to help them determine the right actions moving forward to meet their goals and increase sales success,” said Charlie Thackston, Founder and President of SOAR Performance Group.

About SOAR Performance Group

SOAR Performance Group is a customer focused sales consultancy that combines a deep understanding of the customer’s business and needs with proven sales and customer relationship methodology to drive improved client relationships, improved sales force productivity, and improved top and bottom line results. SOAR Sales Capital Management℠ enables clients to align their sales team, sales talent, and customer engagement approach with their new go-to-market strategies. Our goal is to leverage SOAR’s deep expertise in enabling new go-to-market strategies to maximize our clients return on investment in their most strategic sales asset, their people.


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