The Situation:
A leading global technology firm faced a dilemma as they struggled with the impact of the slowing economy. How to effectively deploy high priority training programs with declining budgets and concerns from sales leaders about time away from customer facing activities for the sales resources?

The Approach:
SOAR Performance Group associates evaluated alternate delivery methods for the priority programs including local face to face delivery where resources were local, self-paced training and virtual instructor led programs. Each of the targeted programs were designated as priority skill building programs.

The Result:
The resulting delivery strategy was a critical mass strategy where face to face delivery was used where critical mass existed within a local office and travel was not required. For all other markets, the SOAR Virtual Live™ approach was implemented. The Virtual Live deployment combined the advantages of a facilitator with the Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro virtual delivery platform to support delivery of a priority selling skills program. The business unit deploying the program has since grown market share during a period of economic decline.

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