The Situation:
A leading global industrial firm had designed a very comprehensive set of global account management processes and tools, but was not seeing the expected growth and increased share of wallet within their global accounts. They decided to do an assessment of the account managers to determine where the gaps were in skills and knowledge. After completing the assessment, the client requested that the SOAR Performance Group team build a comprehensive curriculum to develop global account manager’s skills.

The Approach:
SOAR Performance Group resources reviewed the output from the assessment and designed a modular curriculum including a complete learning path for the account manager roles with virtual preparation sessions, on site workshops, self-paced reinforcement modules, and an integrated learning community.

The Result:
Over the deployment period for the program the company gained substantial share of wallet increases within the target global accounts resulting in the decision to expand the program to the regional account managers. In the first year of deployment the company saw a substantial increase in pipeline for the participants in the first wave of the program deployment and the company achieved record profits in the 3rd year of the deployment of the program in a very challenging business environment. Based on the results achieved, the account management program was recognized as “best in class” by the leading independent strategic account management association.

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