Senior executives share experiences, insights and perspectives on the digital economy and engagement requirements for sales and customer success. You will get ideas, approaches, and actions to help your organization meet the demands of the digital economy. Host for the meeting was the Houston Chapter of the Sales Leadership Community with support from the University of Houston and SOAR Performance Group. The topic fis “Evolving Business Models in the Digital Economy”


Featured speakers:


Questions discussed:

  • One of the trends we are seeing is a focus on supporting sales organizations in successfully working with customers in new and different business models. What are some of the most common new business models you are seeing in the market today?
  • As sales organizations are engaging with customers and prospects around new business models, what are some of the key considerations that you believe an organization needs to address in order to prepare the selling organization?
  • What are some of the mistakes that you see organizations making when they think about this move?
  • How do you change the mindset/skillset of a team to support the change to new business models?
  • How do new business models change the way that sales leaders need to align with their Marketing and CS counterparts?
  • What concluding advice would you give to a sales leader that is looking to make a shift in business model?


Listen to or download the audio from the meeting: