Account Acquisition with Top Hunters

What would a 10% increase in new account revenue mean to your business? How about 20%? Imagine that for a moment. You’re probably thinking about the great sales rewards trip to Hawaii or the organizational awards you might receive and certainly the big bonus check that could result from such a jump. It turns out that you aren’t the only sales executive focused on acquiring new accounts.


Top Hunters:

  1. Only focus on acquiring new accounts
  2. Maximize their prospecting time
  3. Develop insights about target accounts and share these with target contacts
  4. Build compelling value propositions and emphasize them when prospecting
  5. Understand the buying team and buying process for their target accounts and align their selling efforts with the buying process
  6. Develop “multi touch” prospecting strategies
  7. Are tenacious and relentless in executing their prospecting strategies
Sales Executive Roundtable

SOAR hosted a roundtable discussion with twenty sales executives from Fortune 1000 companies and a majority of the group said increasing new account revenue is their top priority. When asked why this was their top priority, the group shared several drivers:

  • Saturation of Existing Accounts
  • Spending Reductions Within Existing Accounts
  • New Product/Service Launches
  • Changing Customer Landscape
  • Increasing Revenue Quotas

While the group was very clear on why they needed more revenue from new accounts, they were not as clear on how they were going to achieve their goals. When we asked the group how they planned to increase new account revenue, the uncertainty was unanimous.

Our firm relentlessly studies sales force productivity, so we couldn’t help but dig deeper into this issue. We wanted to understand how top performers acquired new accounts and how their approach could be scaled across an organization. So we interviewed more than 30 top performing sales hunters and asked them how they win business.


SOAR Account Acquisition with Top Hunters: 7 Best Practices to Increase New Account Sales (white paper)

7 Best Practices of Top Sales Hunters to Increase New Account Sales (white paper)