What would the impact be of growing revenue from your strategic accounts?

Most strategic account programs focus on complex account planning processes, but growth in Strategic Accounts doesn’t come only from planning, it comes from execution. This gap may explain why a recent survey of Corporate Executive Board members found that 41% of respondents were considering restructuring their Strategic Account Programs.1 SOAR Performance Group believes that Strategic Account Programs must focus on execution in order to be successful. Our approach focuses on enabling growth in Strategic Accounts by:

  • Implementing an intuitive planning process that can be easily developed, communicated and coached
  • Enabling Strategic Account Teams with the influence skills necessary to gain internal commitment to executing the plan
  • Providing Strategic Account Teams with the selling skills necessary to execute the plan at the customer level
  • Empowering managers to effectively coach the execution of the Strategic Account Plan

Growth in Strategic Account revenue requires more than a plan, and SOAR Performance Group has helped leading global companies achieve growth in Share of Wallet by moving from plan to execution. The success of our approach has lead the Strategic Account Management Association to award a SOAR designed Strategic Account Execution program with an award for Outstanding Corporate Performance in Strategic Account Management.

Client Successes:
  • Up to 10x growth in share of wallet
  • $15 million in incremental opportunities identified

Download SOAR Strategic Account Execution Overview

Much of the effort that companies put into strategic accounts is focused on account planning. However, one of the biggest challenges we see with strategic accounts is getting the required buy-in to execute the account plan.

SOAR Strategic Account Execution focuses on enabling Strategic Account Teams to more effectively use influence and persuasion to generate the buy-in required to execute strategic account plans. The result is a Strategic Account Team that can get the buy-in required to drive increased revenue and profitability in your most important accounts.

Strategic Account Execution