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Creating a Culture of Curiosity for Innovation Success (eBook)

Curiosity is a pre-condition for innovation and the culture of your business is ultimately the sum of your actions. Creating a culture of curiosity in your organization will generate more ideas and lead to innovation in your organization. In his book Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers defines innovation as “An idea, practice or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption”. In an organization, there are various forms of innovation. Products, services, company structures and ways of engaging customers can all be innovative. An innovation does not have to be unique to the world, but must be new to those interacting with it and those affected by it. In other words, it must be new to the organization or industry to be considered innovative.

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SOAR Performance Group Announces Mark Patenaude as Regional Director

SOAR expands presence in Silicon Valley to serve growing portfolio of market leading clients

Atlanta, GA – SOAR Performance Group, Inc.™ is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Patenaude as Regional Director for strategic growth markets. As Regional Director, Mark will be responsible for driving new business growth for SOAR with select clients wanting to drive accelerated growth in revenue and profitability through the implementation of SOAR’s Sales Capital Management solutions.

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