Curiosity is a pre-condition for innovation and the culture of your business is ultimately the sum of your actions. Creating a culture of curiosity in your organization will generate more ideas and lead to innovation in your organization. In his book Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers defines innovation as “An idea, practice or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption”. In an organization, there are various forms of innovation. Products, services, company structures and ways of engaging customers can all be innovative. An innovation does not have to be unique to the world, but must be new to those interacting with it and those affected by it. In other words, it must be new to the organization or industry to be considered innovative.

We have found that the culture you get is in the:

  • Questions you ask
  • Meetings you run
  • Recognition you give

A culture of curiosity encourages questions; they are the backbone of every conversation and the drive behind every action. The right questions lead to exploration, which leads to innovation. A culture of curiosity leading to innovation will revolutionize the experiences of both your employees and your customers. Operating innovatively by engaging in new practices will create new opportunities leading to improved success for your business.

This eBook reveals what actions you can take to revolutionize the culture of your organization.

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About SOAR Performance Group
SOAR is a sales consultancy that focuses on sales performance improvement. We accelerate results for our clients through the development and execution of new sales and go to market strategies. Our clients tell us that we are different because we help them by:
  • Adapting to changing business environments
  • Building content, processes and tools that drive and sustain change
  • Connecting to our Customer’s business and collaborating with our Customers
  • Delivering measurable and real business value

Clients achieve success through a process of insights, consulting and training centered around a comprehensive understanding and connection to each client’s business.

Culture of Curiosity