When you hear the word scale, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Most often, the word scale describes growth in size. When it comes to a sales organization, the word scale is often used to describe the phenomenon of hiring more sales people, increasing the overall sales target of the organization and crossing your fingers that it leads to a better number. While more sales people can lead to more sales, there is another type of scaling that is often overlooked, but is most certainly more important for a sales organization to sustain excellence. This type of scaling is what we refer to as scaling success.

What is Scaling Success Really About?

Scaling success is not purely about numbers or size. It is about how to drive the right mindset, practices and behaviors for your sales organization to deliver predictable, repeatable and meaningful results. What if everyone in your organization adopted the ideal mindset, practices and behaviors required to exceed their goal? What would this mean to each of them? What would this mean to you? Our experience shows that it would improve your business, your wallet and your stress level.

Scaling Success Is Hard Work

Scaling success in a sales organization is hard work. The hard work is worth it though because it can yield incredible breakthroughs when done correctly. Robert Sutton, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has done some interesting research on how organizations can scale best practices. He shared his research findings in a Harvard Business Review article called Eight Essentials for Scaling Up Without Screwing Up.

The research came out of several discussions with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies who were working to build a more customer focused organization. Throughout the discussions, a theme arose: once a new or improved way of doing business was discovered, getting it to spread throughout the organization proved to be a very difficult undertaking. Sutton called it the Problem of More while the executives often described it as the challenge of “scaling” or “scaling up”, a barrier to spreading excellence.

Essentials for Scaling Sales Success

Upon reading his work, we recognized that sales organizations need their own set of essentials for scaling sales cuccess.  Leveraging years of experiences helping companies address the scaling challenge, we developed our 8 essentials for scaling sales success:

Stay tuned for more information on you can apply these essentials to Scale Success throughout your sales organization!



8 Essentials for Scaling Sales Success