This episode is about an Atlanta Sales Leadership Community event where executive sales leaders provided valuable perspectives and advice on using technology to improve the customer buying experience.

Specific questions discussed include:

  • How do you see technology helping improve the customer buying experience?
  • How are the changes impacting the sales teams and sales roles in your organization?
  • Have you seen openness in the sharing of data across sources with the intent of improving the buying experience?
  • What are some of the hurdles you have seen in using technology to improve the buying experience?
  • How do you lead your teams so that technology becomes an enabler versus a detractor?
  • How are using technology to engage with multiple decision makers during the sales cycle?
  • Are you using account-based marketing as part of your customer engagement?
  • What is on your wish list of technologies that could help improve customer buying experience?
  • How has your staffing changed within your sales organizations?
  • How do you respect customer’s privacy in the use of technology?
  • What are you emphasizing with your sales teams about using technology to help your customers?