eBook – 8 Essentials For Scaling Sales Success

Driving the right mindset, practices and behaviors required for your sales organization to deliver predictable, repeatable and meaningful results. Robert Sutton, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, did some interesting research on how organizations can scale best practices.

A theme arose as a result of several discussions with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies who were working to build a more customer focused organization. Once a new or improved way of doing business was discovered, getting it to spread throughout the organization proved to be very difficult. Sutton called it the Problem of More while the executives often described it as the challenge of “scaling” or “scaling up”.

After reflecting on years of experiences helping companies address this very challenge, we have developed our own 8 essentials for Scaling Sales Success.

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About SOAR Performance Group

SOAR Performance Group is a client-focused sales training and consulting company focused on sales performance improvement. We accelerate results for our clients through the development and execution of new sales and go to market strategies.

Our clients tell us that we are different because we help them by:

  • Adapting to changing business environments
  • Building content, processes and tools that drive and sustain change
  • Connecting to our Customer’s business and collaborating with our Customers
  • Delivering measurable and real business value

Clients achieve success through a process of insights, consulting and training centered around a comprehensive understanding and connection to each client’s business.


8 Essentials For Scaling Sales Success (eBook)