What would be the impact of replicating your top performers?

What if you could replicate the performance of the top 10% of your sales force? What would the impact be on your business? The SOAR Sales Execution Assessment uses a best practice interview process to identify:

  • What top performers do differently from average & low performers
  • How top performers consistently win
  • Organizational best practices for sales execution
  • Organizational gaps preventing sales execution

Based on the findings, your sales organization will identify opportunities to leverage the best practices of your top producing sales reps and managers to shift the performance of your sales organization.

Client Successes:

  • 50% increase in pipeline for target solutions
  • 140% increase in forecast accuracy
  • 591% Increase in signed contracts

Our Talent Diagnostic solutions enable our clients to have a clear view of where their current sales talent is. This allows them to target their sales force development investments in the areas of highest impact for executing their go-to-market strategies. The SOAR Success Guide Diagnostic and the SOAR Top Performer Profile Diagnostic use automated platforms to benchmark and evaluate team members’ knowledge, skills, and attributes against those of top performers in their role.


Once you have the right sales team and sales talent in place, you need a winning game plan. Understanding the key customer buying milestones and success factors for execution of the plan ensures that the team is performing when and where it counts. The SOAR team will leverage insights to create a winning Game Plan that the entire sales team can rally around to win more deals and drive more predictable, repeatable results.

Download SOAR Sales Execution Assessment Overview PDF


Sales Execution Assessment