What would developing a world class sales leadership team mean to your organization?

Great sales leaders are catalysts that drive organizations to achieve breakthrough results, yet many companies struggle to consistently develop elite sales leaders. At SOAR Performance Group, we apply our proven approaches to Sales Leadership Development to enable organizations to reach new heights of performance.

Our Multi- Dimensional Sales Leadership Development Approach includes:
  • The Sales Leader Success Guide and Development Plan
  • Business Planning Approach
  • Sales Leadership Summits
  • Execution Expectations, Coaching and Mentoring

Client Successes:

  • $250 Million increase in revenue
  • 5% increase in margin per manager
  • 6% increase in revenue per manager

SOAR Sales Leadership Development Overview PDF


Leading your organization in selling innovation requires building the ability of your team to target the right accounts, focus on the right contacts and execute the right innovation conversation with a focus on new ways of doing business that offer sustainable value for your customer. This requires Innovation Leaders.


Once you have the right sales team and sales talent in place, you need a winning game plan. Understanding the key customer buying milestones and success factors for execution of the plan ensures that the team is performing when and where it counts. The SOAR team will leverage insights to create a winning Game Plan that the entire sales team can rally around to win more deals and drive more predictable, repeatable results.


The SOAR Sales Playbook is a comprehensive field guide for your team. It includes a clear definition of the sales team, SOAR Success Guides for each team member, and the SOAR Sales Game Plan to ensure success with the customer. Our clients find that this becomes an integral part of their sales effort, as it is the link that connects their sales team, sales talent, and customer engagement approach. This results in a clearly focused, highly purposed team that is fully enabled to drive next level performance.


Having a great Game Plan and Playbook is only valuable when they are properly executed. SOAR Sales Coaching focuses on working with our clients to build coaching skills for executing the SOAR Sales Game Plan, leveraging the SOAR Sales Playbook, and driving sales performance. SOAR Sales Coaching enables teams to work more cohesively to achieve performance goals and overcome roadblocks that prevent effective sales execution. We work with your sales leadership to develop a customized coaching plan to drive predictable, repeatable sales results.

SOAR Sales Leadership Development