This week, we will share with you the fourth best practice as discovered through a series of interviews with top account acquisition reps. Best practice #4 is: Top Hunters build compelling value propositions and emphasize them when prospecting.

Now that we have discussed developing insights, let’s get into how to use them. Ultimately, the value in having the fresh perspective is positioning yourself and your company to uniquely help potential customers address their challenges. Top performing hunters are not only effective at developing insights, but also at sharing them in a way that creates a differentiated value proposition for themselves and their company.

They do this by:

1. Understanding the forces influencing the customer. These could be external, such as competitive pressure or internal, such as demands from their boss.
2. Identifying the initiatives that the customer is pursuing and challenges the customer is having in achieving these initiatives.
3. Sharing Insights that demonstrate how the sellers company could help the customer overcome these challenges.
4. Mapping the use of insights to the sales cycle and sales process

A. Early in the process, insights should be used to:
i. Cause the customer to re-consider an approach that may not yield the desired result.
ii. Reassure the customer that they are on the right path and create a vision for the customer of working together to achieve that vision.
B. Later in the process, insights should be used to:
i. Validate your organization is the correct organization to support their goals.
ii. Build internal support for your organization and solution.

You can use these tips as a way to help your reps build value propositions that win new logos and increase sales from new accounts.

The 7 Best Practices of Top Hunters

There are some specific things that top sales hunters do that enable them to consistently win new business accounts. As we reviewed the insights that the top sales hunters shared with us, 7 best practices emerged as the keys to their success:

1.    Focus on acquiring new accounts

2.   Maximize prospecting time

3.   Develop insights about target accounts and share these with target contacts

4.   Build compelling value propositions and emphasize them when prospecting

5.   Understand the buying team and buying process for their target accounts

5B. Align selling efforts with the buying process for target accounts

6.   Develop “multi touch” prospecting strategies

7.   Be tenacious and relentless in executing their prospecting strategies

Happy Hunting!



Build compelling value propositions and emphasize them when prospecting | 7 Best Practices of Top Sales Hunters to Increase New Account Sales