Welcome back to our blog series on the Eight Essentials for Scaling Sales Success. Over the past 2 months, we have discussed several steps to take in order to effectively scale sales success throughout your organization. We’ve covered topics ranging from building buy in for the strategy to removing barriers to execution and everything in between. Throughout the journey to scaling sales success across your organization, there will be many challenges, difficult moments and roadblocks along the way. This is why the final essential is so important to practice: Celebrating and Rewarding Success. Celebrating and rewarding the incremental wins will keep your team motivated and moving towards your ultimate goal of a highly successful and scalable approach to selling.

How many sales kickoff meetings have you been to where there was discussion of a ‘new strategy’ or ‘better approach’ that the organization was going to take in the coming year? What percentage of these new ideas were actually applied and seen through to success? Most often, these new ideas would make a difference for the organization, but they are not applied due to old habits. Before new results can be achieved, new behavior has to be achieved. Consequently, you have to be sure to recognize and reward not only the new results that you want, but also the new behaviors that you want as well. Constantly praising your sales team for successful adoption of new behaviors will help to ensure they continue to adopt and perform the desired behaviors. Having a great new approach is not enough. Driving that new approach into the DNA of your organization is what it takes to really scale sales success.

The point here is to create meaningful opportunities to recognize those who are adopting the new approach and reward them for both behaviors and results.  For example, one of our customers wanted their sales teams to call ‘higher and wider’ within their customers. So, as a part of their weekly Monday meetings they:

  • Recognized team members who had meetings with SVP/C-Level customer executives during the past week
  • Recognized team members who had met with a new or different department within one of their accounts during the past week
  • Shared success stories where higher and wider customer engagement lead to expanded business opportunities and won deals

Using this approach highlighted not only the desired results, but also the desired behavior that lead to the result. This created a tremendous amount of momentum for the organization and they ultimately blew past their revenue target for the year! Considering that they had been below their quota for several quarters, this was a huge step forward for them. They found a successful strategy and scaled it across their organization and it lead to breakthrough results. You too can have this kind of success if you apply the 8 essentials for scaling sales success to your organization. Best wishes for even higher levels of achievement for yourself and your organization!



Celebrating Success and Rewarding Those Who Make It Happen is Essential 8 for Scaling Sales Success