Welcome back to our blog series on the Eight Essentials for Scaling Sales Success. We last talked about the significance of building buy in for your sales strategy. Today, we’re discussing the next essential in the process of scaling sales success which is determining requirements for execution of the sales strategy.

Establish organizational needs to successfully implement the strategy

At this point, your sales strategy is in place and you are building buy in throughout your organization. The next step in scaling sales success is to determine what the organization needs in order to successfully implement the sales strategy. Before you can determine whether or not your organization has the ability to execute, you must determine what that execution requires. Four key areas in the sales organization that must be addressed are the people, processes, skills and tools needed to support the execution of the strategy.

For those key areas, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. People: What are the key requirements for your people to successfully execute the strategy? What attributes, knowledge and experience do your people need to execute this strategy?
  2. Processes: What are the critical steps to execute the strategy? How can these critical steps best be executed?
  3. Skills: What skills do your people need for the execution of this strategy? Which of these skills are most critical to the success of the strategy?
  4. Tools: What tools do your people need to successfully execute the strategy? Which of these tools are most critical to the success of the strategy?

Asking yourself these important questions will help you in determining requirements for execution of the sales strategy.

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Determining Requirements for Execution of the Sales Strategy is Essential 3 for Scaling Sales Success