In this episode, panelists provide valuable perspectives and advice on building strength in sales teams with recent college graduates. The panel includes Kent Jones, Rebecca Sherrill, Jordan Adeboye, and Charlie Thackston.

Questions discussed:

  • In almost every Sales Leadership Community meeting that we have, the topic of early talent comes up. In your view, why is this such a hot topic?
  • What are the top things that organizations should be doing to better attract recent graduates into their organization?
  • Just as importantly, what are the top things that sales organizations can do to retain early talent?
  • This is a topic that really spans multiple groups within an organization – HR, Sales, Sales Enablement – who should ultimately own this topic?
  • What kinds of things should organizations be considering to make sure that recent graduates are productive as quickly as possible?
  • What are the top mistakes that you see organizations making in their efforts to build their organization with recent college graduates?
  • What would be your advice for an organization that is early in their efforts to integrate recent graduates into their organization?


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Building Strength in Sales Teams with Recent College Graduates