At this event, the panel of senior executives shared insights, perspectives, and experiences on the differences between opportunity-focused selling and account-based selling. During the discussion, panelists commented on the people/roles involved plus engagement approaches necessary to be successful.

Host for the meeting was the Chicago Chapter of the Sales Leadership Community with support from DePaul University’s Center for Sales Leadership and SOAR Performance Group.




Questions explored during the discussion:

  • One of the trends we are seeing is a focus on moving from a lead/opportunity-based sales strategy to a more account-based sales strategy. In your opinion, why are organizations making this move?
  • What are some of the critical things that an organization needs to get right in order to successfully make the jump from opportunity-based selling to account-based selling?
  • What are some of the mistakes that you see organizations making when they think about this move?
  • How do you change the mindset and the skillset of a team that has been more opportunity-focused historically?
  • How does the move from opportunity-based to account-based change the way that sales leaders need to align with their Marketing and Customer Success counterparts?
  • What concluding advice would you give to a sales leader thinking about implementing an account-based sales strategy?


Listen to or download the audio from the meeting: