In the past twenty years, the work environment for professional sellers has changed dramatically. Some drivers that have expedited the shift to a more remote and virtual working environment in sales roles (field and inside):

  • Advancements in technology that allow work from anywhere.
  • A generational shift with the introduction of millennials to the workforce. These millennials have a higher focus on work-life balance and prefer a results-only work environment.

According to the most recent U.S. Census, the number of sales workers who reported working from home increased 45.9% from the level previously recorded.

Research Initiative Focus

This research initiative focuses on understanding the impact on sales management and sales leaders. To gain more perspective from the different levels within the sales organization, participants across industries provided input on the strategies and actions used by top performers that is different from their lower performing peers. The research looked to identify specific things that sales managers of remote sales teams can do to affect performance at the individual and team level.


The results presented in the summary of findings explore these areas:

  • Amount and types of communication, feedback and coaching to drive results.
  • Engagement of remote sales people as a process as compared to events.
  • Value of sales managers and leaders participating in customer & prospect meetings (and the resulting effect on results).

In our survey, over one third of respondents are in a physical office fewer than five days per month. This presents challenges for managers in many areas with the primary areas being knowledge transfer and engagement. The research findings suggest three important ways to combat these challenges, lead more effectively, and deliver sales performance.





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By: Matt Piekutowski | SOAR Remote Sales Execution Effectiveness Research Findings

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