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Cascading the Sales Strategy | Actions the Best Sales Leaders are Executing Now for Next Year | Part 2

Welcome back to ‘Actions the Best Sales Leaders are Executing Now for Next Year’. In Part 1, we covered insights for getting off to a quick start in the new year and creating focus on next year’s sales strategy. As discussed in Part 1, communication played a big role in helping to create focus around the strategy. In Part 2, communication is just as vital as we focus on cascading the sales strategy through the organization and connecting that sales strategy to compensation.

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New Sales Strategy | Actions the Best Sales Leaders are Executing Now for Next Year | Part 1

Time to start planning for the next sales year! It seems crazy but it is true. The longer you wait to plan for the new year, the less time you have to proactively plan and your planning turns into reacting. With a new year comes new inspiration, new challenges, new trends and often times in sales, a new sales strategy. We understand the challenges adopting and executing a new sales strategy can present today’s sales leaders. So today we are starting a three part series aimed at helping sales leaders prepare for and drive successful execution of new sales strategies in the new year.

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How Do Sales Leaders Make the Sales Transformation Happen?

In this part of our series on considerations for your next sales transformation, our focus turns to how you as a leader can successfully make the transformation happen. When it comes to leading sales transformation, there are three pillars that we see as critical actions for success:

  1. Articulating a vision of the future that is compelling for the organization
  2. Defining the expectations for the team members in the new organization
  3. Facilitating higher Change Velocity to move the organization towards the new state

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Who Will Make It to the New State After Your Sales Transformation?

One of the sad truths in a sales transformation is that not everyone within the organization is able to make it to the new state. Think back to the example of rebuilding or remodeling a house. Whether you rebuild or remodel, there are parts of the house that don’t make it to your updated home.

In the case of a sales organization that is experiencing a transformation, there are often times when team members are not able to make the leap to the new state. As a leader, this is a fact that you cannot change. However, you can understand who is most likely to make it and adjust your actions accordingly.

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