The virtual meeting of the Sales Leadership Community hosted by the Atlanta Chapter. The topic for the meeting was “Leading a Sales Team In and Through Uncertain Times”. Senior executives share experiences, insights and perspectives on leading and engaging sales teams during uncertain times. Host for the meeting was the Atlanta Chapter of the Sales Leadership Community with support from Georgia State University and SOAR Performance Group.

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Questions discussed at the event:

  • When we met as a sales leadership community board, this topic of “leading a sales team in and through uncertain times” was a priority topic for our panel discussions in 2021. How have you addressed the uncertainties experienced over the past year with your sales teams?
  • Obviously, last year was unique in and of itself, what are other examples of uncertain times where you have had to lead teams?
  • When dealing with times of uncertainty, what are the top three things required for a leader to be successful?
  • With the rate of change accelerating in the world around us and with our customers, the need to lead through uncertainty will be a continuing requirement. Thinking back a few years, what advice would you give your “younger self” to develop the capabilities required for leading in times of uncertainty?