Learn how to recognize when sales enablement isn’t actually enabling sales and how you can leverage your investment in Salesforce to improve sales results. Session 5 discusses Reason #4 new innovations aren’t adopted. Hosts: SOAR Performance Group (https://soarperformancegroup.com/) and Prolifiq (https://www.prolifiq.com/).


Today we’re discussing why sales enablement isn’t actually enabling sales and what you can do to better leverage some of your sales enablement investments. Specifically, we’re focusing on key opinion leaders not engaged which is one of the core reasons that we see that innovations and new approaches aren’t adopted inside of our client organizations.

The reason that we decided to share this webinar as well as speak on this topic at Dreamforce is that there’s a huge increase in terms of the number of organizations with a dedicated sales enablement function (tripling from 20% to 60% over the past four years). With that, we’re seeing that not only is performance not improving, but the percentage of sales people making quota for that same period has actually gone down.

That caused us to scratch our heads and wonder why is this and from our perspective it’s really all about adoption and so what we’re going to be talking about today is one of the reasons why new and new innovations new approaches new initiatives aren’t adopted which is that those key opinion leaders aren’t engaged in the process.


Breaking Down the Adoption Barrier to Improve Sales Results Series: Session 5 - Webinar Recording